We are making a game.

Hello internet.

We are Corp Por and we would like to introduce CODEX, a seasonal shared world adventure.

CODEX delivers a series of epic massively multiplayer adventures, each taking place over a limited time. Level multiple classes, inhabit hand-crafted lands featuring hundreds of quest hooks, craft and trade in a highly socialised economy of sole crafters and living merchants, decorate your in-world home and experience a truly diverse ruleset.

Whilst adventures in CODEX may be finite, each is an opportunity to grow your avatar, earning adventure specific rewards and cosmetics which will be your legacy. Adventures in CODEX are long enough to reach your goals but short enough that you are never too far from the next.

About us.

Corp Por was established in 2019 with a desire to create social and innovative shared world adventures available to all.

We set out on a journey to deliver the quintessential multiplayer RPG experience, a trilogy of themepark, sandbox and roleplay to be played by anyone. This is not a marketing gimmick. We don’t have a marketing department. We’re simply passionate about delivering no nonsense innovation in building highly playable games which encompass the best of shared world gaming.

In 2020 we licensed the Shards Engine and have recently passed our 12 month anniversary of bringing CODEX to life.


You’ll be pleased to know that the Prologue season of CODEX will be available in the coming weeks. This is an early development build and will be welcoming everyone to play CODEX for free up to 5th level on all classes. To unlock the full content we will ask for your custom in making a purchase of the full version of the game.

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We’ll see you then.