Update from Apache

Thousands of you have signed up to play CODEX: Prologue and we’ve received hundreds of questions. Shortly we’ll be entering CODEX: Prologue and we’re taking this opportunity to speak a little more plainly about what we have built and hopefully answer some of your recent questions.

Foreword on Prologue

Prologue is a pre-launch build of CODEX and more commonly, an Alpha. It contains the first 15 levels of fundamental gameplay, the bulk of the abilities and gear for these levels and 3 of the 4 levelling zones to be featured in the introductory season of CODEX.

Big features omitted include the Seasonal reward system, player housing (which will be found in the final zone) and the over-arching seasonal storyline – all which are being reserved to be experienced in Season 1 and which will be tested with you ahead of time.

Prologue is a chance to showcase our early development and to put our core mechanics through bug testing, balance and polish. It’s deeply important to us that this content is the best that it can be and we have reached a stage where we’re ready to share this content with you. It goes without saying that Prologue progress will not persist into our first season.


CODEX is a love letter to our favourite MMORPGs and an experiment in gameplay transformation, ushering players from themepark to sandbox in a user friendly and progressive experience. We’ve done what many have done before us in building the game we want to play – one which builds bridges between our best online experiences. What sets us apart is our rapid development environment, allowing us to create content at a rate that absolute persistence might become a thing of the past.

In the early game, CODEX offers a linear content progression paired with choice sandbox features such as an emphasis on economy and crafted goods to reach your full potential. The flow of completing quests, grinding XP and understanding gear is critical knowledge in how to play your individual class and facilitates ease of play in learning your character. Sandbox games are frequently met with the hurdle of onboarding gamers with the daunting and complex reality of offering too much too soon. Expect a particularly smooth, familiar and enjoyable ride early on as we offer the quintessence of what we enjoy from themepark style games.

In the mid-game, things start to change. We start incorporating more challenging gameplay as your characters abilities and your enemies start to evolve. The themepark tropes break down and we move away from rigid scaling formulae. You’ll need your class experience to deal with more unpredictable and deadly combat as we escalate the risks of combat whilst broadening the definition of your own individual class. World PvP becomes available in creating the human element of danger paired with dangers of dropping non-essential, albeit valuable goods. Such encounters are tempered by regional rules to ensure that such encounters are infrequent and players meet similarly levelled opposition.

Towards late-game, gameplay will have evolved statedly from our humble beginnings and adopts a more free form, sandbox and open form experience. The previously static world is now dynamic, allowing players houses to be built and the lands shaped by player inhabitants. Top level classes retain their unique features and identity whilst achieving sufficient cross over to optimise competitiveness and showcase your aqcuired knowledge during combat. End-game gear has shifted from predefined linear pieces to randomly generated and content has become statedly more difficult and will often be contested by opposing players.

We will discuss end-game when we are closer to releasing our final zone which, we should add, will be available for testing ahead of the CODEX release.

Thanks for reading and we hope this has been informative. We’ll see you in CODEX.