CODEX: Prologue – Play for free 08.19.21

Visit the CODEX Website to register your email now to be notified when our servers go live. Play for free upto the 5th level.


CODEX will be a platform for multiplayer shared adventures which change the way we consume massively multiplayer games.

We cannot emphasize enough how shameless we have been in making CODEX as easy to develop as it is to play. This will not only be a game to be consumed, but a long term platform of recurrent social content and systems of meaningful rewards to compensate your gaming and your achievement.

Seasons power CODEX. Each will offer it’s own twist and content to compliment our brand of gameplay. You’ll experience ease of play, competitiveness in all aspects, but above all, social play and an availability of shared goals.

We want you to leave each season with the memories only found in exploration and ultimately, adventure. We’ll be offering the quintessence of what we believe believe to be the best in fantasy multiplayer gaming and we look forward to sharing them with you.


Follow the Corp Por Twitter to stay upto date with our announcements, developments and communications.


The CODEX Fandom has been launched and will be a growing source of information about our Prologue launch. We will be contributing and keeping this upto date as development continues and we encourage our players to contribute once we’re live.

We are a remote studio of developers with decades of experience in the industry. Following our PROLOGUE launch we will be keeping a regular development blog, allowing you to get to know us and what we do.

We’re powered by you

We want to do business differently. We typically don’t engage with the gaming press and we have little interest in commercially marketing our games beyond what is neccessary for people to download and play them. We mean to expend every energy and resource into what we do well as a studio.

You’ll find our communications here, important game information on our Fandom and everything shared on our Twitter.

2 thoughts on “CODEX: Prologue – Play for free 08.19.21

  1. William Barker

    Well this came out of nowhere. I have been looking for an isometric sandbox MMO or COOP UO-like for quite a while.

    Looking forward to the first release to see how you guys did, as I am sure you are aware there have been several attempts at a UO-like and unfortunately (or fortunately, since many were really bad) virtually all of them have died.

  2. Greg Xavier

    Weird how this just found it’s way into my inbox, but I am interested. Reeks of old school UO with the isometric view and the studio being called Corp Por. Can’t find much info on Google or YouTube. Would like to see it in action…

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